They Always Find a Way

Dogs always find a way.

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  1. Not if I can help it, don’t want the little cuties to get out or into anything they shouldn’t! I’m very protective and want to make sure nothing goes wrong on my watch! I hope I never mess up and something goes wrong because I’ll be a wreck and never forgive myself! I even get attached to the wildlife wanting to see them manage to carry-on as long as possible. Who knows how some people might misinterpret my viewpoint and maybe could end up thinking I’m a control freak, lol!

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      1. Totally understand and I’m not even talking about the predator/prey combo, that’s a horse of a different color! But I really appreciate the synergy or balance that seems to be fine until something or somebody screws it up, and that is where I come in, always mindful and making sure they are all going to have a good day, even the little bugs that love my wild botanical outback, sort of a little sanctuary or hideaway for some of them, actually a mini jungle not something most people are into, that even included me up until several years ago I was one of them, when some big alterations came into my life and woke me up! You could say I really “saw the forest for the trees” with regard to what people are like and doing almost mindlessly; a brainwashed public! Then it was take those lemons and make lemonade, and I did big time, detect a bit of defiance there, yea I am!

        But exactly what you said Pam the circle of life inevitably must prevail no matter what I’m enjoying or trying to maintain, ya know, “the don’t fool with Mother Nature!”
        At the end of the day I’m only a bystander here and didn’t invent or create a darn thing!

        But God does make it clear in the Scriptures we are supposed to be Good Stewards and if we imitate Christ we must be Good Shepherds who foster as much as we can! Amen.

        Blessings to you and yours there along with your own outback!

        Happy days and nights!

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          1. Right-on Pam! I’ve been falling behind on many things lately and even here! Of course you would create such things but the circumstances must be right for it. And it’s not just dogs in the situation that restricts such things; it can be any number of difficulties or negatives that would develop! I know from experience and sometimes with all the good that it can do, it may also invite some unwanted critters too, which would be problematic! Like when you mentioned the river rats once before regarding bird feeders; so I think most folks have to curtail many ideas that “look good on paper” but “in practical application are like opening a can of worms,” I hate to say! Me being single I don’t have to jam up every time I try this or that out, like for example my growing some wild crazy botanicals, because not having immediate neighbors bunched around me who might see it as too unsightly or even stupid.

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            1. A funny: I put out bird baths in the back (because that’s where I usually am) and was so excited to welcome our feathered friends! LOL!! Only problem? The Corgi loathes birds and goes full crazy on them when she sees even one feather. 😉

              I took them down.

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            2. See just what I mean it’s about balance and what might be balanced in your yard might be off balance in another yard, and like some people can be easy to please while others are way too impossible to make happy! I sometimes have to be careful how I treat myself for Pete’s sake let alone everything around me but I do tend to favor nature right now! 😉

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  2. The dogs here (5 of them) are lovely dogs. But only two like cats. Birds? Eh. They can’t be bothered for the most part.

    What I find amazing is how 4 of them were said to be aggressive and not fit to live around humans or even other dogs. Three live together happily. Two have their own enclosure because one of the other three *will* pick a fight with one of the two. But any of us, including the kids, can go out with them and play, roughhouse, and just totally get them riled up. All they truly want is attention and affection.

    It would be so much nicer if they’d go after the mice here. (I just caught my 2nd today…in my room! No worries, I released it outside.) But alas, these beautiful beasties aren’t at all interested in going after other animals. Except cats, if it’s the right three dogs.

    Still, we’re all very careful about keeping gates closed due to being on a busy country road. Mr S loves his dogs and so do the rest of us.

    Keep your puppers safe, Pam! They’re lovely girls.

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