2023 Crinum

Betcha thought me dead, eh? Well, you’re not that lucky. And just in case you find yourself decrying any hope for my demise, the crinum lily spam has begun.

Happy Easter!


I only knew that sunrise was different because red was seeping in between the blind slats. These are looking east and southeast. Trust me, the images are a pale copy; the real deal was overwhelming.

What Is Going ON?

Don’t know why our skies have become gigantic light shows, but we’ve lived here for 20 years and the change is recent. Must be, because I love looking up. Love clouds, the changes, the planes. The stars. Occasional blimps. God’s creation is beautiful.




If the picture is pretty enough I de-saturate to see what that would look like… with this one I took it both ways… and decided to post because… well, it’s lovely.

Fully saturated. Cool, yes?

No color but still pretty dang neat! Light from Heaven!!

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