Auspice Maria

My first visit to Vizcaya was surprising because the day before I’d gotten a tattoo of an Auspice Maria. Inside the house, above one of the massive gates… well, it’s a horrible angle but there it is, a beautiful tribute to our Lady.

After reading about James Deering, the owner of the property, his influences of Italian Renaissance and Mediterranean Revival architecture make perfect sense.

Here it is! My crazy hair is in the way, but then I just mowed the lawn.

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  1. Hi Pam!
    Rather ornate and ornamental doorway I see there. A good shot!

    As far as the tats and whatnot I have to say as a teen a few buddies were getting one on their biceps, but I had no desire for it then or now! I never imagined that it all would explode into what it is now, with body art all over the place, and you know what I mean; both figuratively and literally! Hot Dam! OUCH! I’ve seen people that are walking murals, so covered!

    OK sorry, but that slipped out of my head, and now to the matter of the photo it is very pretty and a beautiful crown design atop! Fine Tribute.

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    1. Yep, it’s art now. ‘Ink’. 😉

      I never thought I’d ever, ever succumb to temptation, but in 2015 Mike’s sister came to visit and… well, she wanted one and I went with her. I happened to carry an Auspice Maria drawing and one thing led to another. I actually forget it’s there unless someone says something.
      I wanted very small and somewhere discreet, but it peeks over my shirt as the top is on the back of my neck somewhat.

      If I had to have something, I figured it should matter to me.

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      1. Oh I get it, it’s way more than popular now especially with the Millennials and others but I figure like you said if it’s not conspicuous and small a little personal meaning tat is innocent enough and maybe cute! I just can’t even think about what is going on in some people’s heads that cover their bodies with them; so, I don’t even think about that; not my concern!
        Like you said something that has a real meaning to you and “matters!”

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