In the bathroom. LOL!

I’m one of the hapless who have manged to reach the age of 65 without a smidgen of wisdom.

Oh, I know stuff. Mostly useless. I know that if you have an infection, soak the offending digit/limb in salt water. Well, it has worked for me.

I still remember how to do things from long ago, like tack a horse up. Conversely, I took three years of German in high school yet can’t recall how to count to 10 in the language. Use it or lose it!

Here’s a bit of knowledge learned in the past year for those turning 64:

Move. Change your phone number. Get a guard dog. Perhaps some razor wire.

Little did I know that upon reaching 64 things would become so bizarre. I’m a hermit by nature so when people started knocking on my front door all my feral instincts had me hiding behind the blinds. Of course, that does little to deter salesmen, so my jaunts out to the mailbox became littered with landmines. It comes as a jolt when someone springs from a nearby car and yells “Pam! Can I talk to you about Medicare Part B?”

My phone rang almost every day of the year with sales calls and the mail was full of color flyers. Each salesperson had the best plan and I just had to hear it right then!!

Oh, I told each one that I didn’t need them, that I had everything was in order. Didn’t deter them a bit!

Happy Birthday to me!! Thank goodness I’m finally 65. And I never thought I’d say that…

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  1. Happy belated birthday, my friend!

    You have pools of wisdom. You just haven’t needed to use it lately. That’s actually a lovely position in which to find oneself, if you ask me.

    Making your life easier takes great wisdom. Getting to 65 takes great wisdom. Maintaining a loving relationship takes GOBS of wisdom!

    I’d say you’ve used what you’ve learned to create a life that’s perfect for you and your family. You’ve maintained relationships with those you hold dear and learned to let go of those who only bring negativity to your world. That’s much more important than knowing what’s in a stack of books or taught in so-called hallowed halls. You found the important things and learned how to make them grow & bear fruit.

    Happy birthday, wise woman!

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    1. Woooowwww… I LOVE your interpretation! No wonder we’re friends!! 😉

      Thank you for the birthday wishes! It was a day like any other, except I know how lucky I am, how blessed. That’s enough of a gift for me.

      Love you! ❤

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