Crinum Alert

I always post the first lily of the season, but the pictures are usually… well, better than this. I couldn’t be bothered to get my camera out this time…

I used to have a big bed in the back stuffed with these things (and a plumeria) but I dug everything up a few years ago and now they’re all over, in dribs and drabs… one or two in one place. They make a better display all together, though.

Florida, Garden

Tiny Tour

Are you bored? Surprisingly enough, me too.

What is this strange liquid emanating from the Bird of Paradise ‘boat’? Oh, Joanie! I was supposed to look for different colors! Totally forgot!

My baby. I raised him from a seed. (And yes, I need to redo the beds. Currently pressure cleaning in the back, so it will have to wait a bit.)

Had no idea arecas could grow so dang high!

Welcome to the Cracker Box!

Another group of plants I never thought would go so far!

I already have a list, but seeing these pictures… let’s just say I’ve added several items.