My Husband is…

Romantic. Much more so than I.

He replaced the carb in the big pressure cleaner and apparently decided a love note was in order.

I love that man.

7 thoughts on “My Husband is…

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  1. So cool Pam! That’s a first for me to hear of something like this; so I have to say your loving husband sure is original and genuine!!! Looks like from the photo that one of your fur babies loves the whole idea too!

    God bless Y’all and may the future have many more such loving surprises from the heart!

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      1. Hi Pam! Absolutely anytime, you sure deserve it all, and it made me happy to see how wise and loving your good husband is; it really touches the heart even for am a virtual stranger! But I know its all real in this case!

        Keeping the love growing, so awesome!
        God bless!

        PS He really is a cool guy in my book!
        The little things matter! Often times having a greater impact than big stuff!

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          1. 🙂 Hello Pam! Sorry for the delay in my comment, But I am happy to say I can’t argue with that, not in a million years; it makes total sense and is to me what it’s all about when a man and a woman love each other with all their hearts!
            God bless you both!
            Brother in Christ Jesus,

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    1. I’ll give him a hug from you and of course let him know that he’s restored your faith in men. He’ll be astounded that something that small had such a ripple effect!

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