First Crinum ’22

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      1. Yes Pam! I agree they are meant to be, because after all God knows all things and knew all of this and our needs before the universe was made, so in His infinite wisdom He did want us to have some incentives and beauty to make life worth living or to at least provide some tactile impetus to be inspired by; help get us through the day!
        You got me thinking flowers too and the season is upon us so I’m going to do some special planting this season for sure!
        You have a wonderful time there with your family and the fur babies, give them a hug and say uncle Lawrence said he loves you!
        Thanks Pam!
        Brother in Christ Jesus,

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  1. Lovely. I know how much you look forward to their appearance each year.

    We went from chilly to hot in the span of 24 hours and the trees suddenly sprouted beautiful, new, happy green leaves. It was a shock to see them appear so quickly. Of course, the very next day was sunny, but a bit chilly once again. My sinuses are not pleased. 😛

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    1. WORST allergy season ever!! I try not to use mucinex but dang if I don’t need it in Spring.

      Our oaks are funny… they don’t lose their leaves in the Fall, but one week in April or May they lose the old leaves and grow new ones. It seems almost spontaneous. And odd. LOL


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