Looking Out

I walked into the front room – supposedly to start cleaning – and saw Badger propped up looking out the window, the little cutie.

Now I’ll really clean. 😉

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  1. Hi Pam, that was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this great shot! I thought what a little cutie and just like one of my Samoyed’s used to do she was the runt of the litter but had her happy little routines! Looks like everyone is having a fabulous time and the house is as neat as a pin! I’m living alone so i tend to let things collect and I’ll do that later sort of thinking! I’m not as bad as Oscar used to be on the Odd Couple but I’m not too far off at times!
    Just keep enjoying and thank you for this wonderful reminder of my little one! Great memories here and photos!

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      1. Yes I had 5 dogs at one point years back and two until several years ago, but now just one that would have been gone if God and my push to save her hadn’t intervened! You’re right they are the best company or even friend/companion especially when spending time alone. This little essay will explain and she’s not getting old but still up top some hiking so we keep on trucking till we reach the end of the highway!


        Any thoughts I’ll be glad to hear but I’ll have to check in a bit later on the fly right now.
        Thanks for asking Pam!

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          1. Hey Pam! Hope Y’all are fine and happy there this weekend! Sorry about the slow response but yea, that’s cool, you had seen that although it was good for you again to just remind me about it too; I actually went in and added the photo at the end of the essay.
            Thank you also for the confirmation especially because even though I have had many occasions over the years where major to even little things happened without a doubt; by God’s direct hand being involved! That all gives me so much more hope and compelling inspiration that there is no doubt God is in control, and you brought that out in the essay about your Dad’s passing with all of the surrounding personal circumstances, it’s absolutely assured that God loves us and has all of our best interests in His loving care for those who are or will be following their paths to Him! I could see that so clearly in your Dad’s thinking and faith which he proved on so many fronts, especially with you; so much like my Dad did as well!
            Thank you!

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