dropping this here…

You know who you are! The gobshites who bought up all the bog roll… Why? So no else could wipe their bums? So now Amazon is doing a bang up business on bidets. It would be funny if it weren’t so fecking pathetic.

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  1. You’re so right! There’s no need for greed. Plenty of that in Washington D.C. We need to be thinking of how to help one another through this because we don’t know how long this will go on. We need to take care of ourselves AND each other.

    If you wanna go fast, go alone. If you wanna go far, go together.

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  2. I like that! If you wanna go fast, go alone…

    On the bright side, I’ve seen people on NextDoor asking if anyone needs anything… I was going to wait til someone asked, but others are better at that sort of thing than moi.


    1. Offering general help to neighbors can be as simple as taking their trash to the curb for them. Or watering their lawn. Even just dropping off a gallon of water. It’s the little things that mean the most.

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