Not mine; I can barely grow grass. Took it through the fence. For some reason my neighbors are aces at growing things.

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  1. I love hibiscus. We have a huge tree here with double and triple light pink petals. They’re gorgeous! I love the depth of color on this flower. It sets off the pistil and stamen beautifully.

    If you can, seek out a “spider hibiscus” aka hibiscus schizopetalus. I’m guessing you would spend hours photographing it like I did.

    Hugs to all of you! Stay safe!

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    1. I took this with my phone! I’m constantly surprised by it.
      If I had used the camera we would have seen both pistil and stamen. 😦 Still.

      I love hibiscus too. In Miami we had a half acre lot and the back was covered with a tall wall of the stuff, all red. And I can’t tell you how many I’ve bought to have them instantly eaten or die of goodness knows what. The lot is cursed.

      Love the spider hibby! I have to look for that…!


      1. They’re really lovely flowers and have so many intriguing colors. I’d love to go spend a day walking among rows and rows of them and delighting in every possible combination.

        They really don’t do well after picking, but it doesn’t stop me from occasionally plucking one to bring inside for a few hours of joy.


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