Another Day

Yup, this is me. At 62. The year’s not been good to me and 63 swiftly approaches… probably on the wings of a big, fat tree roach.

Right after a haircut… and red spot above left eye is where the dermatologist burned something off.

Yes, kids, something else to look forward to as you age, apart from mottled, wrinkly skin and ever-growing ears… people cutting and burning parts of you off… roughly twice a year.

I took this because my dad wanted to see my haircut, which is the same as the prior 2, 479 haircuts. Still.

But another day above ground, as they say, is a good day.

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  1. I’ve been arguing with my skin the past year. How did I suddenly end up with crepe-y skin and spots that remain rough or continually feel raw? Who the fuck okayed these changes? Who the fuck put in the change order anyway?

    I think your haircut is cute! You don’t have to spend hours untangling it, it doesn’t make you hot and sweaty, and it suits you.

    Ugh. Getting older is a lot of hard work, isn’t it?

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    1. Getting older sucks balls! And the crepe-y skin! WTF? I looked at my hand one day and it looked like an 90 year old hand. And arm. And face… and let’s not talk about the rest of me.

      The hair looks better now it’s grown out a bit, trust me. Looks like the village idiot hair in this pic. LOL


      1. Since I’ve been cutting my own hair for the past several years, I generally look like the village idiot. As it grows out, it doesn’t improve. LOL

        What the hell is wrong with Mother Nature that she’d screw us over like this?

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  2. Mother Nature is a hormonal bitch!

    I know it looks like I have hair in the picture, but there is actually very little of it left. Why do some old ladies have full heads of hair and I don’t? Oh, geez… is that why they get tight perms? I’m not getting a perm! I’d rather shave my head…!

    Wish I could cut my own hair. But if I did it? It would look like it was cut with those blunt kindergarten scissors! LOL!


    1. I’ve lucked out with my haircuts. It’s rarely perfect, but it’s “managed” for a change.

      I used to have very thick hair. Those big hair plastics could barely make it around a ponytail ONCE. Now? My hair is mostly very fine, thin, and delicate. Again, I did not approve this change. I do not approve this message.

      Anyone got an opening for their time machine?? I have a couple errands I need to run.

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