From Seeds


Found this and a couple of its siblings growing in my back yard… and I know they originated from seeds not because I planted them, but because my neighbor has some growing roughly 20 feet away. Pretty, anyway.

Yup, took it this morning. Obviously. Could the shadows be any more of a giveaway?

Post Vacation Ennui


After my sister in law and her friend left town I fell into a depression… not surprisingly. After working to fix the house up in preparation, then all the running about during their visit, it’s only natural to experience a let down.

Things are getting better after settling back down into a routine. Or rut. Still.

I hadn’t taken any pictures since they left, so went out this morning with a mission: shoot something. Anything!

To start, it’s an incredibly beautiful day, even if it is on the warm side. I’m grateful for these days even if the cold weather is calling me…

A fence flower. Next door (formerly ‘Blue House’, now ‘Green House’) has some oh-so-pretty flowers. Love their hibiscus. This, however, is a bougainvillea.

An invasive vine that is no less pretty.

Yep, it rained this morning.

The sad, sad plumeria. Don’t know why I keep this thing around; it only looks nice for about two months out of the year.

…and the thing that is eating my graviola tree. Need to make a note to pick up some sevin.

No-Name Buds and More

Holly Golightly had a no-name cat and similarly I have a no-name crepe myrtle. Two, actually. The almost decrepit yet interesting nursery where I bought them had no idea of -well, any- of their names, so I took a chance b/c they were only 5.00 each!

Hoping for a tall, willowy variety I think the opposite will be true. So moving them is a distinct possibility. Still… BUDS!


It’s sort of a strange photo. You know I critique each about… in perpetuity. This could have stood more contrast but I liked the way it blended into the background… yet not.

Random Ibis on the street light.


No post is complete without lilies… in the Spring, anyway.


Side view of the lily bed. It’s thriving with all the rain! (Sorry, Californians)


Last but not least, the bloody plumerias. Didn’t really believe I’d leave ’em out, did you?


I think my camera and I need to go on walkabout.

To Bee or Not to Bee


The Areca palms, which I swear grow wild down here and which I hate with a bloody passion, are doing their yearly thing.

At least the bees appreciate it.

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