Poison Ivy

Yep, it got me. Preparation for our new fence led to cleaning out weeds and… rash. But I can’t find the plant. Every year… but I can never find it. How crazy is that?

Meanwhile, I’ve got a massive canna near the front door. Think I’m hoping that it, along with the v. large green thing on the other side of the walk, it will discourage visitors. Let me tell you, Amazon drivers are not easily intimidated by foliage. Thankfully, neither are Whole Foods delivery drivers.

Yesterday we had a Publix delivery… (Of course I’m spoiled now.) Our first smoker. The bags were horrible; they smelled like they’d been sitting in a giant ashtray and someone had exhaled smoke right into them. We almost vomited. My allergies went insane and I was drugged and in bed by 7:00p.

I did contact Instacart and they “unpaired this shopper from all of your future orders.”

The fence went in yesterday, but I’ve yet to get any good pictures.

Later, gators. Must soak my arm in salt water. Oh, hell yes it’s infected! Grrr…

Crinum Alert

I always post the first lily of the season, but the pictures are usually… well, better than this. I couldn’t be bothered to get my camera out this time…

I used to have a big bed in the back stuffed with these things (and a plumeria) but I dug everything up a few years ago and now they’re all over, in dribs and drabs… one or two in one place. They make a better display all together, though.


The difference between the first and second picture: 12 inches and a shadow. In reality they’re all deeply, brilliantly blue.

My friend Joanie first taught me about shadows and light and for that I thank her, because I look for it everywhere now. 😉

Tiny Tour

Are you bored? Surprisingly enough, me too.

What is this strange liquid emanating from the Bird of Paradise ‘boat’? Oh, Joanie! I was supposed to look for different colors! Totally forgot!

My baby. I raised him from a seed. (And yes, I need to redo the beds. Currently pressure cleaning in the back, so it will have to wait a bit.)

Had no idea arecas could grow so dang high!

Welcome to the Cracker Box!

Another group of plants I never thought would go so far!

I already have a list, but seeing these pictures… let’s just say I’ve added several items.


Not mine; I can barely grow grass. Took it through the fence. For some reason my neighbors are aces at growing things.


I stood watching the dogs when the wind kicked up. The trees above me rattled like a hundred diamondbacks.

My neighbors clearly have a green thumb. Unlike myself.

Firebush addendum

I had no idea that those little flowery things on Firebush plants actually open!

And what is this?? They’re hanging off a rapidly growing tree.

And this weird looking thing?

Canna Bloom


It’s going to be a good day.

Oh, I took this looking out my bathroom window. I wanted something pretty to look at…

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