Monday Morning


No,  it’s not a sitrep sort of thing. Well, kind of.

I continued to work on the hedge this weekend. Well, Sunday.  All that’s left is the lily bed and to plant more ivy.


Hi there!


Hope you all like looking at me as much as I like looking at you. Which is not at all. That huge green wall made so much difference. Like it was my own secret garden.

Well, with dog shit.

Nothing’s perfect.

I hate living on a postage stamp.


Going, Going…


Gone. I hope you’re happy asshole, because now you’ll see every move the dogs and I make in the back…


It’s down now; I just have to do cleanup. What a mess.

I feel nekkid.


The plants themselves are nearly dead… maybe I should replant? Should it be confederate ivy again or something else?

Would it surprise anyone to know that I’ve been standing out there in the middle of it all, staring at that house? You reap what you sow…




I can’t believe the month is half gone. It’s been a lovely, cool winter for those of us in south Florida, so I’ll be sorry to see Spring this year.

My husband sent two dozen roses for Valentine’s Day, as is his habit. I told him one single rose would be just as appreciated, but if it makes him happy to send 24, so be it.





In the not-so-good news, the neighbor behind us decided there was too much damn ivy over on his side and cut it back… with extreme prejudice. I can’t blame him; if it’s over there, it’s fair game. But damn… almost all of it is dead now. And that sucks.

From Seeds



Found this and a couple of its siblings growing in my back yard… and I know they originated from seeds not because I planted them, but because my neighbor has some growing roughly 20 feet away. Pretty, anyway.

Yup, took it this morning. Obviously. Could the shadows be any more of a giveaway?

No-Name Buds and More


Holly Golightly had a no-name cat and similarly I have a no-name crepe myrtle. Two, actually. The almost decrepit yet interesting nursery where I bought them had no idea of -well, any- of their names, so I took a chance b/c they were only 5.00 each!

Hoping for a tall, willowy variety I think the opposite will be true. So moving them is a distinct possibility. Still… BUDS!


It’s sort of a strange photo. You know I critique each about… in perpetuity. This could have stood more contrast but I liked the way it blended into the background… yet not.

Random Ibis on the street light.


No post is complete without lilies… in the Spring, anyway.


Side view of the lily bed. It’s thriving with all the rain! (Sorry, Californians)


Last but not least, the bloody plumerias. Didn’t really believe I’d leave ’em out, did you?


I think my camera and I need to go on walkabout.