Still growing

Sorry for the plant spam, but it amazes me that these things are still growing. I usually kill everything except lilies, which just won’t die. (Seriously)

This philo hates its habitat. Too much sun, even though it has the fence on two sides and house on another.

We’re not blessed with shade and the areca palms certainly don’t supply any.

I’m thinking about planting something alongside the fence. Some of the gaps are so big Daisy could just walk right through.

2 thoughts on “Still growing

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  1. Very vivid and exquisite! Beautiful photos and job well done! I have to make sure I mention the great little friend in the photo! A Corkie I believe; so adorable I do know that much? I’m a dog lover and person for sure! I haven’t had a difficulty with any, they all seem to like me and they know I love them, any size or breed! Enjoy all that beauty Pam!
    God bless.

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  2. Thank you Lawrence! Yes, that’s Badger the Corgi! And Daisy with the philo. Hard to see; she was hunting chameleons.

    God bless you, Lawrence!


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