Getting a Drink

Bad photo because it’s so zoomed in… but look at this precious woodpecker drinking from the Bird of Paradise bloom…

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  1. Excellent Pam; I love woodpeckers and give them special treats around here in hanging on the trees type containers to keep them secure and in a more secluded spot as they peck away! Nice that you caught this one drinking! I’m sure the bird really appreciates truly liking to visit you and your home!
    God bless!

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      1. Hi Pam! They do make specific bird feeder treats but I’m not sure if any are made exactly for woodpeckers other than certain Suet Cakes i buy and place in the holders for them; there are No Melt ones and ordinary fat renderings type that in the heat turn to dripping lard. But I do make sure these treats have no artificial additives or coloring. Humming birds the same but many of the liquids sold to put in those type feeders have preservatives and coloring’s which is obviously bad for those little critters!

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          1. You’re welcome Pam! Oh check the Audubon Site and you can get all the info on what purty birds are in your area and what is best or not best to do. I know the humming birds had a die off last year because a fungus was infecting their tongues which I only found out about on the news and when I caught an article online! I got thinking how many of the hanging humming bird-feeders end up with ants all over them for the sugar so I remembered from my science how ants being subterranean and actually walking in all kinds of fungus some of which they eat was being carried onto the feeders and infecting the birds when they insert their long tongues into them! I resolved the problem in my case by getting new feeders and the mast that I used to hang them on got some axle grease smeared up a good section, so the ants stay away from climbing up or get caught on grease quicksand, not fun for an ant, they stayed away smart little buggers!


            I’m sure you’ll get all the proper info then when you decide what you want to place next to your home it will give you a beautiful sight to behold watching those birds!

            Some folks are squeamish about handling the suet holders because birds do poop a bit on them at times or just being wild and handing on to them eating people figure germs. I keep a good supply of disposable gloves in case its looking messy but I handle the holders without gloves and just wash well after, maybe even rub my hands with a Lysol wipe etc. instead. I’ve done it for years and not sick or dead yet right!

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            1. I used to love having bird feeders and baths but living here in south Florida it’s risky… the fallen feed brings canal rats which in turn lure snakes. LOL! I don’t like either. 😉

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  2. What a wonderful find!

    I like woodpeckers, but not so much if they’re storing food in the side of the house (a problem in SoCal). I love the little bits of red and their curiosity. Fletch used to have a woodpecker buddy who’d come visit him at the window.

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  3. Wood is their favorite material, natch. A lot of older buildings with wood siding have sustained damage from the holes the birds create for their food. Houses, barns, sheds, basically any wood is up for grabs in their minds. Then, after they’ve snacked on the food, it’s not unheard of to end up with bees or wasps using those openings to start a new home.

    I want to say the reason the woodpeckers will choose buildings over trees is because the squirrels don’t usually climb up walls to go after the stored meals.

    Of course, I only know what I do about this because I went down the rabbit hole once upon a time looking for information on the different types of the woodpeckers in the area. You know how that is: one minute your natural curiosity leads you to the computer for answers and before you know it, 5 hours or 2 days have disappeared and you’re only one thesis away from getting your doctorate on whatever it was that got you to the computer.

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