Sophie Westerhof is an intelligent young adult, addicted to new experiences. Do something more than 5 times and she’s bored.

She’s bored a LOT.

But not when hiking.
Or skiing.
But she does look a bit bored when she comes off the ski slope.

I’m afraid to send her to university; she’d just find the repetitious homework a big snooze.

Walking Lady

Walking Lady in Brindleton Bay

One of the few redeeming features in the Sims 4 is canine adoration. Lady (the only rough collie in my game) has been with Elle through young adulthood and university. Elle recently graduated with a Psychology degree at Britechester.

When they go for a walk I follow them and watch Lady watching her mistress. It calms me for some reason.

Whatever it takes, right?


The Brindleton Bay docks at night.

Sims 4.

I dunno; my brain is stuck therefore I cannot think of anything else. Oh, not sims. Another sister popped up, a lovely person who will probably visit this summer. Well, you know the Cracker Box. I’m mentally rebuilding the thing; painting, new rugs, some plants…. a new master bath redo would be grand, since I took a sledgehammer to the original and it sits… like a demented shell of the room it was… with a toilet. I would never take out a toilet willy-nilly.

What was I saying? Oh, yeah. Sims.

Brindleton Bay

It’s hard to tell with such a small picture, but mornings in the Sims can be beautiful.

I heard they’re starting work on Sims 5, God help us. I’d rather they re-tool one of the iterations that really worked, game play wise. Sims 4 beauty with Sims 3 game play.


I was breaking in the new grill last night with kabobs when the dark crept up. I could barely see the grill, but the sky was alight with pink tendrils to the south and sun setting in the west.

The picture doesn’t do it justice. Not even close.

Bottom left you can see the pollen laden tree that’s trying to kill me.

Cuteness in a Hairy Package

Can’t deny I think my dogs are cuteness taken to the nth degree. Here, they’re watching a vehicle pulled up outside -the person inside obviously making room for someone to get into the passenger seat. They were absorbed by his every move but never made a sound after he first pulled up.

Our neighbor came out and got in the car and it pulled away. Silence. But they relaxed.

Badger is much more cunning than Daisy about the whole people coming and going thing. I’ve watched her wait until someone comes up the drive, navigates the side walk and at the moment they reach the door she goes full crazy dog. This activates Daisy, who adds to the general clatter of barks. It’s an uproar.

But… as soon as I reach the door it stops. Well, Badger stops. Daisy is feral, so crazy keening is her stock in trade. By that time Badger is at the door beside me, ready to meet friend or foe, mouth firmly shut.


Bree Bear

This looks like any other crafted bear, right? It’s not. O.D. makes special occasion/bereavement bears so she made one for Breagha, who passed on August 5, 2019.

The outside is made from Bree’s favorite bandannas and inside Tonie put her favorite pink Wooba toy and some of her hair.

Yes, I broke down when she handed the bear to me; Bree is finally home again. And now, after not dreaming about her, she’s there when I sleep. I’ll cherish this little bit of Bree as long as I live.

Thank you, O.D.

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