On the Wing

Young Ibis…


…and this magnificent dragonfly was sooo far away it was a dead cert I missed the shots.



She Means Business


Now 10, Daisy still puts hunting above all else. She’s good at it, too, being a Dachshund. Lethal. And although she snores beneath my desk at this very moment, I bet she’s dreaming about hunting.

She also desperately needs a haircut.


My greatest ability is knowing when to keep my mouth shut. My head is getting very noisy, though.

Bee Mine

I spent some time with the bees this morning… well, one looked distinctly un-bee like.

First noticed them while stalking my arch-nemesis, Guy Who Yells At Me.

More on that jackass later.





See what I mean about this last little fellow? Perhaps he’s just a little younger than his mates.

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