In the Gloaming

After the flare.

For the first time in my life I’m happy Christmas is over.

It was tough, to say the least. I didn’t cook. Family left early. A card was sent apologizing.

You know that time at sunset when the color flares bright then gradually begins to fade? It’s my least favorite time.

In fact, I like sunrises better.

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  1. Oh, I’m sorry to hear about Christmas. It happens.

    Family gatherings seem so fraught with emotions. Why is that? Is it because they’re people we feel safe enough around that many of our vulnerabilities aren’t neatly tucked in the back of a closet that jammed full of things?

    Whatever the case, I’m glad you made it through. Don’t be hard on yourself. Take a deep breath, look at that lovely sunset photo, and remember that for every flare, there’s always a fade, which is how we know it’s time for rest and time to recuperate.

    Love you, Pam!

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    1. I think you’re right, Joanie! Guess I felt safe so everything and then some came out… and (I thought) there was no need to keep up a pretense of happy and bright.

      Love you Joanie!!


  2. Hi Pam, I’m only now finding out I had so much email to shift through to catch up which is really a chore to me because for the few emails that matter to me I have to check sometimes hundreds to find the important ones; but I can’t rush it either because I’ve lost some of those by being in a hurry so it has to sit on the back burner at times. Christmas to be honest was a disappointment to me too, I remember years back when many more extended family were either still here on earth or were at least closer and not so distracted by the confusion in the world these last couple of years, so it does seem to me more of a chore now than a joy to get into the holiday routine and activity! The world has changed too much and not for the better in just the last several years and of course the last two exponentially! I knew you were going through a setback but don’t pressure yourself either with second guessing which is sometimes something I do at times, because you really owe it to yourself to do what makes you feel most comfortable and at peace and not put on airs or try living up to anyone else’s expectations and especially the worlds ways that in the end don’t amount to anything at all! Stay centered on your faith and seeking inner comfort from above day by day and even hour by hour! I find myself doing that now more than I ever did in my past life but I’m good with it because I can feel much more balance and happiness that way, over pretending or running around to try pretending I’m keeping up with the Jones and Smith’s trying to show somebody out there that I’m like anyone else in the world of impressing others or making impressions. I want to just appreciate and enjoy each day as a fresh opportunity to see the simple good things in my life and savor them while I also seek God’s will for me, so I can fulfill His and not my own ideas of what’s more important and what isn’t.

    I hope this gave you a decent perspective of my view of things and how my being behind was a good thing, because now today New Year’s Day I get to send my sincerest hope and prayer to you for a Good and Happy Healthy New Year ahead.

    It really is the simple and little things that mean the most; just like my Mom used to tell us as children or even as adults; how they are free and always there for the taking!
    God bless you.

    Brother in Christ Jesus,

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    1. God bless you Lawrence! It really is the little things! I remember when my brother and I were young, we got clothes for Christmas and were grateful. The things children are gifted now boggle my mind.

      Anyway, I’m much better today. More myself. It took a lot of prayer, some disconnect to spend time out of doors in nature and wonderful friends.

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      1. Awesome news Pam, and see, that is all it takes and of course you find your center when you do exactly what you did; that always works for me as well! I was up and down a bit the last week but I rebound quick and its always when I put the world and its stupidity aside and get down to like Mom always said, the “Brass Tacks” the things that matter and hold it all in place; and they are right there’s no big hassle to find them! My Dad would just say I tune out all that malarkey and focus on what matters to me and the Man upstairs!

        I have something coming maybe that I might publish to address the ugliness of the world at large now, but, how it all comes down to our turning to the Lord and using powerful prayer to ward of all of the evil that is running rampant; even a special prayer but I’m still pondering and praying on it! You just mentioning prayer and how it made the difference is revving me up to maybe do this long piece to spell out some things; and my only hope is it might help someone!
        Keep doing as you are; you are terrific and it even lifts me up, honest!!!
        Very good!
        God bless you!

        Bother in Christ Jesus,

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          1. Hey there Pam! I was just wrapping up a comment and your latest news flash popped up; perfect timing there fine lady!
            Thank you for the great compliment but we can only try doing what is best in such a restricted modality which isn’t typically easy but by following the Holy Spirit which is the key factor for sure, I think it works out very well!
            Let’s see how the inspiration flows moving forward and I’m confident it will be fine! Amen.
            You have a nice evening and rest well too!🙂
            Give those fur babies a hug from uncle Lawrence!

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