Dachshund vs Pipe

Daisy, the 10lb wonder, decided that she needed this pvc pipe I laid behind the firebush bed (don’t ask me why; it’s not mine).

First she had to dig a nice hole to be able to get under it..


I just thought it was cute. But then, I would.

5 thoughts on “Dachshund vs Pipe

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    1. Someone asked me which of my dogs I’d clone and I said Daisy. Well, they were stunned. I’ve loved all my babies, but Daisy was somewhat of a rescue and came with some severe bugaboos. But when she thinks you’re not paying attention? What a hoot! I’d love to raise a little Daisy from puppy hood to well-adjusted adulthood. Not going to happen, but yep… she’s the one I would choose.


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