First photo with my new iPhone…

Untouched in any way… and yes, my ficus hedge is dying a pitiful death. Still.
The guys want $800 to drag them out but I figure my pulling the dead up one at a time is cheaper.

Anyway, I was excited to receive the new phone yesterday; my Christmas gift from Mike!
Love the way it treats light and shadow… each seem to be in balance, the shadow neither too dark nor the light garish/blown out.

I don’t know that it can replace my Canon, but we’re going to have fun, this phone and I.

3 thoughts on “11Pro

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  1. I should be feeling…envy? My phone is an LG and not top of the line, but I get okay pics. I HAVE considered an iPhone until I get to the price part of the equation. Compared to your last phone’s camera, how much better is this new one?

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    1. Much, much better. Yes, I have guilt over the phone… but this is my Christmas gift for two years! I would have taken the 11 but Mike wanted me to have the 11 Pro. My old (OLD) phone was horrible and I needed a new one…


      1. Heh. I totally understand. I hope you enjoy the phone for years to come. You deserve it. And I, apparently, deserve a phone that only works if I have Wi-Fi. Still arguing with the service provider on this.

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