It’s Going to be a Busy Weekend

We’re almost directly in the path of hurricane Dorian. (I’m sorry, but I hate that name – I call the storm Dorian Gray)

I’ve been in Florida since 1992, with a rather quick sabbatical in Texas in 1996. The state stopped surprising me after hurricane Andrew ripped my roof off… in 1992. You’d think I’d turn around and leave the way I came after that welcome, but no. Of course not. I never learn.

Several hurricanes later and I’m going through that old routine… and hating every minute of it. What used to be exciting and sometimes terrifying has simply become a major pain in my ass.

All this is to say… someone please send some gas down here so I can power the generator long enough to make coffee.

3 thoughts on “It’s Going to be a Busy Weekend

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    1. After so many years of the same thing, you have to become somewhat numb to it; no one could sustain the type of emotions the media wants us to experience. Every headline is designed to hype us to the point of hysteria… whether there’s a reason to be hysterical or not. I’m getting just a bit tired of the “we’re all gonna die” mentality.


      1. You’re preaching to the choir, sis.

        In California, every time the forecast calls for rain, we get STORM WATCH teasers. Most of the time, it’s not more than ten minutes of rain and the ground soaks up the water almost immediately.

        It’s hard to listen to the media cry wolf, to the detriment of when it’s actually warranted…pretty much illustrating the moral of the story perfectly.

        But, as the weather continues to go berserk, it’s better safe than sorry, especially when you consider the danger to first responders who have to go save those who refuse to evacuate when ordered and/or are caught in an unexpected situation as they try to evacuate too late.

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