Will I Make It?

Lately I’ve been wondering if I’ll make it out of Florida alive.

A new biopsy just came back as Basal Cell so there’s another MOHS surgery in the near future… and they want to dig a larger hole in my left foot… on a pre-cancerous spot.

This will be my second MOHS this year. The cancers are plentiful and aggressive… how long before the big one hits?? I’ve never known anyone who had these, especially so many. This can’t be normal.

Just… thank God the spot on my foot wasn’t the big M.  Thank God.

I want to cry. That’s probably an appropriate response to such news. I’ll be in my blanket fort if you need me.

Just dropping this here, because it’s a good thing to remember…


2 thoughts on “Will I Make It?

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  1. Oh, Pam….I know (believe me, I KNOW)…it’s useless to tell you not to worry. Go ahead and worry. But TRY to not let it take over your life…because it will, if you let it. I also won’t tell you that you’re strong (even though you are) and you can handle it. I know that right now, you feel like the LEAST strong person…EVER. And that’s ok, too. Blanket forts can be very comforting. In fact, I might make one of my own here shortly. I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts.


    1. Thank you so much. It helps that you know how I’m feeling, really! I had that bad day and now I’m much better, which is usually the case. Just deal with it and go on with life.

      Thanks again!!


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