Cloudy With A Chance of Cotton Balls

We live in south Florida and the sunsets are usually something special, but there were several kinds of interesting clouds last night… including mammatus.



Took these with my phone since it was to hand. But… don’t know if the camera would have been any better. Wish I would have done a pano!!


Is This Thing Still On?

I’d never have forgotten about this space years ago, when blogging was such a community affair. But I did. A sign that I need to close up shop for good? We’ll see.






Just meaningless, meandering photographs from around the yard.

First, a dandelion pompom or two, because even weeds can be pretty:



Daisy the Undeterred, going anywhere she wants… even under grass!


The last bougainvillea picture this year, promise.


(I had my fingers crossed.)

A young visitor:


…and bad picture of a nasty spider. But look at those legs!


Hope everyone (you’re not here, but I wish it for you anyway) has a blessed Easter!


Adam and Eve

About a year ago I sent dna into both FTDNA and The results were very similar, as they should be, but there is a striking difference a year on: the Ancestry results are changing!

I found the original FTDNA map and it’s the same as today’s:


Of course I couldn’t find the original Ancestry map, but trust me… it’s different.


NOW I have Greek/Italian ancestors, albeit not many. And a smidgen of Jewish!  I figure that’s Adam and Eve. Yes, Ancestry is just that good; they’ve traced my origins to the beginning of time.

Give them another year and I’ll be Pocahontas’ freaking cousin.  How does that work?  I know they figure in people’s ancestors who are related to me via DNA, but are they taking for granted ALL their predecessors are mine?

On The Wing


Wow. While not the best photo ever, I love the detail of the wing. Didn’t want to take it in full sun (note the white bars on the wings) but still!



It must be Spring!! The avocado trees are blooming, the plumeria is leafing and yes, even the bougainvillea has awoken.


There’s been some new growth on the fence, thank goodness. Can’t grow fast enough for me.