Though I feel 25 and act my shoe size, the actual digits are 65. There it is, the secret again: old people are simply young people in crappy bodies.

It’s incredibly difficult to remember my age when making purchases. For instance, I saw a small, indoor trampoline (they call them ‘rebounders’ now) being used on YouTube and HAD to have one.

When my superior specimen arrived… well, my husband had a small coronary. You see, he knows me. We’ve been together for quite some time and in his mind I’d go re-bounding off that thing and into a wood chipper. Yes, that was my plan all along.

NOT. For goodness sake’s I think I can avoid wood chippers. And the glass closet doors. Yes, old house. 😉

So after a week of first class avoidance, he put it together for me. Under protest. Muttering things like “we need to update our wills”.

Y’all, it’s SO MUCH FUN!!! I was twisty bouncing and leg up/leg down bouncing and just convinced this thing would be the best addition to my work out routine ever!!!

I have three herniated discs.

Oh, I know what to do for them… the cervical hanger/inversion table/Advil season is in full swing and I’m guessing the little rebounder will be given to one of the kids or grandkids. Which is a shame; it really is fun…

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