Vizcaya Part II

A few years ago Mike and I took his sister to Vizcaya. There are some photos from that trip here.

This time it’s my sister visiting, so we went back! My camera has been dropped too many times, so the pictures are somewhat lacking, sorry.

Sorry about the toes!

My beautiful sister!

Lovely inside and out, yesterday was her birthday!!


See what I mean about my camera? Half the time it wouldn’t focus. Pictures were either blown out or way too dark. Weird.

Here we are, older yet no wiser. 😉

I really, really need a haircut.

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      1. Hi Pam! You made me smile and get a laugh because I’ve been avoiding haircuts and even fancy a beard now which was something I never bothered growing from my teen years on till recently, always clean shaved! I do get set in my ways and if it’s something I’m comfortable with I just let it be! Maybe it’s some security blanket issue or pillow thing but isn’t that when you’re a child; maybe I’m regressing in older years? Gee, I came into this world a baby maybe I’ll go out as one, Ha-ha; could be possible, in mind only of course! 🤣😂

        Hope Y’all having a blessed and wonderful summer!

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        1. Mine is mostly not bothering as well! Though the pandemic put a major crimp in any plans, I could have had it cut by now. I just wear it up. As you can see it doesn’t stay. 😉

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          1. It looks causal and good to me! But I’m not the best person to get any opinion on such things, because I’m way casual these days and like I said I used to be clean shaven and very distinct with my hair cut or style not its “au naturel,” maybe bohemian, very laidback not trying to impress or even care, the whole measure up to pretenses or others expectations! I mean I absolutely believe in being presentable or having some dignity but I’m not sweating the small stuff anymore and this is small stuff to me TBH in my circumstances now! It used to be up high on my scale of being in the groove and keeping up with appearances!

            I hope that you don’t think I’m trying to take on a Hobo or vagrant style though, it’s just letting go of some things and letting my easygoing part of me come through more now that the world went through a paradigm shift as I see it over the last few years. What I actually started doing several years ago when I had to deal with pressure and backstabbing establishment powers that be screwing with my life, almost death knell to my life, I woke up and said screw it I’m supposed to be free and be me; am tired of kissing up to the ways of the world and supposedly fit in!

            I think I’ll watch “Rebel Without a Cause” this weekend that might get me figuring out better what I’m trying to say here, and I just was watching last weekend that older early 60’s film “Splendor in The Grass” which made me think how better people’s hearts and general life approach was back many decades ago but now it’s messed up so much and we even have supposed citizens and leaders here that are trying to ruin and destroy America!
            Thinking what a radical paradigm shift this actually is for just America and it makes me sick and I say what the heck! Too many frigged up people around! So what does my unshaven face or scraggly hair even matter for anyway? Sorry for the philosophical venting; like I say I should watch that film this weekend and see if I come up with some crystal clear view on all this; movies do that for me at times. 😉

            Blessings to you!

            Thanks again!

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  1. I love this place. I remember the last time you posted pics. I think I may have threatened to visit you and beg you to take me there.

    I’m so glad you got to spend time with your sister. I know you spent so many years thinking you had no family left and here you are. With. A. Sister.

    Hugs to you and yours!

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  2. Oh! About the camera. Two thoughts:

    1. Send it in for service.
    2. Get another camera. Pretty sure you could find a similar one in a pawn shop. Or you could upgrade…early Christmas pressie?

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    1. Where do I send it? Sounds like a silly question, but I’ve never done that before.

      Also, my phone is already better than my camera. I figured I’d upgrade my phone. 😉

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      1. Upgrade the camera, too. There will always be things your camera will do better than your phone. Always.

        BTW, now that I can actually view all the photos, I’m not seeing any real problems beyond exposure & that’s due to the very different light zones in a single frame. You’ll always have hot areas or dark areas and it’s a battle all photographers face in bright sunlight.
        It’s just the nature of light. And the only options are to expose for the light, expose for the dark, throw flash at the scene, or zoom in to eliminate the most extreme lighting. BTW, I do understand the not able to focus issue as one of my lenses doesn’t focus well in auto. I have to do it all manually and that kind of defeats the purpose of having an e-lens & camera.

        As for the camera, if you find yourself really wanting to hang onto it, look at the manual that came with it for service numbers.

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        1. P.S. the repair cost might not be worth it, so upgrading is always an option. Anything over a quarter or third of what you paid for it after all this time is usually enough to go new (or a good certified refurbished unit).

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          1. I think it was mostly me. The phone does well with bright light because it’s for dummies, but the camera needs someone behind the lens… if that makes sense.

            I’ve been shooting more, trying to suss out the problem. Me and a cleaning should sort it out. 😉

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