The people next door planted their bougainvillea immediately upon moving in ten years ago. I’ve taken many pictures of it, since the color is such a vivid fuchsia.

Full sun again; wow!

So… where did this red spring from??

It really is red. The tips look a bit different, but it’s red.

Old growth, right next to the pink stuff. Nature is glorious.

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  1. Dazzling photos, with rich color saturation Pam! The first one has an ultraviolet hue to my eyes and I can only imagine how the Bee-u-tiful Bees see that! Must be like more than a flashing neon sign saying, “come on in and set awhile!”

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      1. Haha too funny Pam! You may have thought I was critical of such striking color or suspicious, but never had that thought here! But I do agree how we can be amazed at times by what we see in nature, and yes it’s all God’s doing unless you are a cheater and I wouldn’t have imagined that at all, only now since you reflect on this that comes to mind how some people are very adept with Photoshop! You and I we just take things the way the come and sometimes our eye is catching these surprises so we have some luck too! Keep that shutterbug eye going Pam! Good work all around!

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  2. The purple bougainvillea is my favorite, followed by the pinkish-red. Not a fan of the gold-yellow, though.

    Full sun is the best choice to show off the brilliance of the colors.


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    1. I too love the purple but the red isn’t bad. 😉 It’s a pleasure to live next to people who know how to grow such lovely plants.

      The full sun cooperated this time. LOL


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