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      1. Some colors demand full sun!

        I know conventional wisdom says full sun is bad, but when treated with respect, it can be incredibly useful. So says the person who spends most of her day in a room with muted light. :/

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          1. It’s a blessing and a curse to be okay with staying in a room of muted light. It’s comforting when you’re sick or depressed; it’s a place of refuge when you just need quiet; and it’s usually the coolest room in the house.

            Don’t think I’m not a fan of the Great — or even the merely okay outdoors — Outdoors bc I do love being outside. I love the way my skin carries the warmth of the sun for hours after it has set. I love sitting around a campfire with friends. I love going for walks, taking in nature as I go. But I also really enjoy my subtly lit room (I like it even more now with my lingering headaches).

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            1. Once again I wasn’t emailed when you replied! Maybe it’s a Gmail thing.

              You’re so right, though. As much as I love the outdoors… and sometimes the only thing that makes me feel better IS the outdoors…. the cool, dark room has its uses. I’m sitting in one now, peering out through a blind that is slightly askew. It’s bright out there and I’m not ready for it… yet. 😉

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