Little Hairs

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The wee hairs on the bees (still no sign of the yard guys) are so precious.

Yes, I’m weird. Too old to care.

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      1. Hey there Pam! Oh I’m so sorry you are sad, and sure you have a great idea!!! Remember I was saying start attracting the hummingbirds and you said bad idea because of the river rats which I totally wasn’t thinking about so I agreed, but hey this is the right venue attracting bees won’t be such an issue and they are so Bee-U-tiful and enjoyable to watch and they do so much good for the foliage!

        Look into that and keep me posted, OK! I’d like to know what you find out and once you get some ideas going that will be awesome to see a few photos now and again! I love bees, I had a government job a while back and I had to do some painting around some plant facility equipment and the others guys that were going to paint this certain equipment saw bees and immediately started looking for the aerosol cans that shoot poison like 20 feet to kill them and I said hold on go paint some other stuff and I’ll do all this myself which I did and as I did I was humming and talking to those bees and moving gently, a few even got on my arm and I figure tasted my vibes or scent to know what I’m about, and you know they knew I meant them no harm and they had a hive right n a huge pipe so they could have swarmed and attacked me, but, we got the job done together as cooperating species; a happy ending! I’m glad I got to save them! I also did around my home too where the state was doing a huge project and cutting everything to the ground but I convinced the powers to leave enough growing like the clover, so the bees have waypoints to stop and feed and move on! Too many bees get killed off with all the construction or spraying of poisons by some state projects but a lot of private property owners that treat the bees like some horrible menace and these people don’t stop and think how much we owe to those little guys that help us EAT!
        God bless you for thinking as you do Pam!
        Take care and see you later!

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          1. Haha yea me too I love them actually I really think they are so cute! And WOW you are doing it right Pam; Kudos to you!!!
            Excellent on your part so this will be a very cool thing you’re doing and awesome as I see it and the Bees too!!!
            Rock on!!!
            I’m going to take a look at this link now too! Thank you!

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          2. Pam just a little while ago I had to look at these plants in making a response to another blogger who commented to my posting today!

            I love plants too as much almost as the bees I guess it should be equal they are matched by God!

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            1. Yes they came up in the same time frame too! And Orchids are magnificent and precious I heard once some breeders sell certain ones for huge money. You have a great environment for those beauties!
              I have to run for now but I’m really interested in anything you decide to do with this idea and plan!
              Great so far!

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  1. Go for the plants that nurture the bees, butterflies, and even the hummingbirds. Screw those rats. All you need is a dog or two to scare them off. I don’t know where you’d find such a creature, but I’m confident you’d figure out a solution.

    And wait…what? How do hummingbirds equal rats? Is it because the rats like the same plants? Color me confused.

    Okay, I’ll leave you to your bees. Frankly, as much as I admire their work ethic and the benefits of that work, and yes, they’re fascinating to photograph, I have to keep my distance. Between my allergy to the stings and my body’s inability to heal at a normal pace after a sting, it’s best we keep a respectful distance from one another. I mean, I don’t want to be the reason a bee dies.

    Anyhow, I wish we had a garden to warrant the number of bees we have living in the bathroom wall here. I hope the new property managers will send out a beekeeper to collect, rather than kill, the hive. They’ll have to open the wall to remove the comb and honey* anyway, so why not collect and relocate the bees in the process?

    * they MUST do because the mice are getting fat from the stuff. And mice are not conducive to a healthy property. Between the problems they can cause for the inhabitants of the house, there’s the damage they can cause to the house itself. Fingers crossed the new owners & management take care of the situation.

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    1. Hope the management company hires a beekeeper!

      I have a couple of lists of pollinator plants that are native or grow well in south Florida. I dug up a flowering thing this morning that doesn’t do the bees and birds any good whatsoever.

      Just wish we didn’t have pavers over the back yard.

      Hope you feel better soon!! ❤

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    1. Never thought about a baker’s rack!! They’re going to have to be in big pots because so many of them need full sun and that’s not possible in most of my yard.


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