New Year’s Eve

…for old people.

An iPad, a comfortable bed and a snoring Dachshund.

Welcome to 2022!

5 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve

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  1. Got to love it Pam! A snoring Dachshund! I never ever heard that before, the phrase or a Dachshund snoring, but, you know i really like the idea; it is all relaxing and adorable at the same time! Great shot there, and just enjoy it for sure!
    God bless!
    Brother in Christ,

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      1. WOW! Now that is one Cool Doggie! I have a Harley but now I need a dog like yours too! I hardly used the bike over the past several years and not at all the last three. LOL! You must have a good time with your Harley for sure; more than I’m having with my iron one! And tons more safe for Pete’s sake! Too much danger out on the roads to be on two wheels!
        Could you ask your sweet pooch to give a rev for me?
        Thank her for me too!

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