May Moon

Well, I missed it. Couldn’t get to it when the thing was huge; trees, clouds, etc… interrupted. Should have set a ladder against the house and clambered onto the roof but… well, I’d never have gotten down.

From this morning…

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  1. Ha,ha,ha…so funny Pam; “I’d never have gotten down,” because the view would be so spectacular I wonder, being so rapt in awe! Kidding aside you did right, when I consider the Cost-Benefit Risk Analysis of such activities. Listen to me; one who for many years didn’t mind hopping on my Harley and tooling around all creation; now I cringe when I think of all the bad drivers and unforeseen unintended consequences that could occur from doing such a thing!
    This is a very nice photo and interesting enough for me!

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  2. Thanks, Lawrence! But no, I wouldn’t have gotten down because my hip probably would have locked up! IF I could have gotten up! LOL! I’m old enough that injuries from my early life have come back to haunt me. 😉

    My husband had a Harley; I used to ride it around the neighborhood, since it was quite a bit larger than my Honda. But when we knew we were moving back to Florida he sold them. Too many “unforeseen unintended consequences”! 🙂


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