I’m coming out of a hole. Digging up. While in one I never comprehend the walls and floor are dirt. That the light is low. That communication is muffled at best. There’s no love, no laughter. Numb to everything else, I bury myself in ancient reruns and audio books and the rest of the world, myself included, is shut out.

It’s not until I stick my nose above the dirt that I recognize there is a world and it’s alight with living. Because whatever I was doing was not living.

Don’t think I’m bi-polar, since this didn’t start until sometime around or after age 55. Some holes are very bad and I can’t find my way out for a month or more. Others are short, as I believe this to be. How would I know, really, since there are no timepieces in holes. I almost wrote hell. Don’t know when I dig in or how long I languish therein.

Luckily, this wasn’t a sinkhole.

I bought paint. And new drapes. Clawing my way out, one purchase at a time. I buy, therefore I am.

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  1. A Home Depot regular! “one purchase at a time. I buy, therefore I am.” Yes we are; I am too a consumer true!

    Dad always said keeping yourself busy keeps you out of trouble; depends, busy doing what? Either way I missed some lessons along the way and wound up in trouble a few times! I think it’s because this world is heaped with troubles; kinda hard to miss occasional.

    But alas, that is what praying is for, we need guidance from the source of all truth; and that being said I have to get back to my busy chores! I didn’t emerge soon enough this time around; now so much has piled up!

    God bless.

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      1. Thank you Pam and hope it helped you at least because you posted the nice article and said it well, so if anyone deserves credit it’s you!

        Way too much trouble is around and that is sad as well as distressing, but we have to keep our chins up with a stiff upper lip and maintain our faith; to get us through it all!

        May God bless you and yours always!
        Thank you again!

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