A Change is as Good as a Rest

I heard that somewhere, a long time ago. Don’t know that I believe it, though. Here’s my change: a plant I put in the ground at least five years ago decided to sprout and flower. One stalk, now two. Where the devil has it been?

No more unplanted gardens! In another bed more plants that I actually planted are coming up; it’s a bit unnerving.

Why now??

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  1. I don’t know the soil conditions, but those plants may have gone into some long term dormancy waiting for the right conditions to come along. There is a type of fish actually a lungfish that during the dry season in Africa burrow deep into dried mud using their pelvic fins, then excrete a coating of slime to minimize water loss. Encased in this gooey garb, these African lungfish can “sleep” in a state of “suspended animation” for three to five years, without needing to eat or drink. The fish slow down their body clocks and only wake up when fresh water becomes available.
    Australian genus Cyclorana bury themselves underground where they create a water-impervious cocoon in which to aestivate during dry periods. Once it rains, they emerge, find a temporary pool, and breed. I have read that some plant roots or seeds can do similar long term sort of dormant resting but then again maybe you had a little miracle happen there; they do happen all the time.

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      1. They look special and beautiful! I was staring at the photo and could see a bit of the soil when leaving that previous comment thinking it looked dry, so my guess was a harsh environment a good part of the year, and sandy soil is like desert, more suited to succulents; so there could be some variation to growth cycles due to harsh conditions like those lung fish endure. If you can actually identify the exact plant you have there, I’m sure more detailed information on their adaptability and life cycle can be found!

        I don’t know if this is jumping way off topic or not but I just read an article and it ended with this Scripture which sort of ties in a bit as I see it.

        “The works my father has given me to carry out, These works of mine testify that the Father has sent me. Besides, the Father who sent me bears witness to me Himself. You have never heard His voice, You have never seen His shape, And His words find no home in you because you do not believe in the one He has sent…..

        “I have come in the name of my Father and you refuse to accept me; If someone else comes in his own name, you will accept him. How can you believe since you look to one another for approval and are not concerned with the approval that comes from the one God?” (John 5: 41-47).

        I hope this helps in some way but if you have further thoughts or get any other information be sure to let me know!

        I like those plants you grew, and I tend to like all things that grow in the earth soil. A huge tree fan here!

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  2. Yes, bingo you got it right, and a beautiful reading it was. I think the part speaking to living a good life of humility, which is contrary to the worldly message or dictates. That might correlate with this plant you have which remained quiet and meekly waiting for the right ingredients of light and life sustaining water mixed in with the scarce nutrients or its food. To be all available when that right time comes to do what it was intended to do; its purpose being manifested and fulfilled.

    Oh trees are a great story in themselves; so many species and all produce life sustaining oxygen while absorbing the enemy carbon dioxide! Since my boyhood I always either helped trees or transplanted tiny saplings or brand new sprouting ones emerging from the soil. Then I have some personal drama over trees as an adult, which I’m still unsettled about; because it was an unjust travesty. I have a friend who majored in forestry and runs his own tree company/arbor organization.

    I hate seeing so many stands of beautiful trees being completely destroyed to make space for ugly solar panels; which is all a gimmick for certain people to make money and promote a political agenda! Yea so, what else is new in today’s world of mass manipulation!

    Keep planting!

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  3. That’s a really nice way of looking at it; the humility of a good life and its purpose fulfilled. ❤

    I'm with you re trees! Once, when I lived in central Florida, the people next door cut down many old growth oaks. I just stood at my window and cried. You can't get that back; at least not in a hurry. 😉


    1. Oh my; that was a sad day and I would have cried with you if there! I’ve seen that sight far too much though; that which turns out to hurt and even destroy so much other life that’s woven into that small microcosm or Eco-system. What’s really tragic and wrong with it, is when it’s not necessary and is only being done for money or plain selfish stupidity, with absolutely no respect for the trees or life in general; including the humans it may impact or hurt. Oh and those Oaks are such a strong good Old tree; many live hundreds of years and beyond if not damaged too much; which begins the demise of them. I saw one being destroyed not long ago which was a young tree joyfully shooting and reaching up to the heavens back during the Civil War, and that’s another thing I think about when considering many old trees that they were living organisms during periods of history long ago, and how so many humans way back then were bearing witness to one or another of those particular trees; and the trees picking up on those humans! Is like they are some kind of living sentinels keeping a log of events in those age rings, of the events and what was in the air especially, and doing it like nothing else that’s living can at the time; keeping a sort of journal. The trees do talk to each other at least those in close proximity to each other via the roots and soil; but I believe some connection is made above ground also.

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