I was breaking in the new grill last night with kabobs when the dark crept up. I could barely see the grill, but the sky was alight with pink tendrils to the south and sun setting in the west.

The picture doesn’t do it justice. Not even close.

Bottom left you can see the pollen laden tree that’s trying to kill me.

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  1. Lovely photo, Pam! Skies like that make me glad to be alive.

    Isn’t it funny how darkness can suddenly plonk itself upon us? It makes me think of those cartoons where a character says “and night fell” with a quick drop of night and an accompanying thunk. Seems to happen more often these days, or is that just me?

    Oh! And the very quick change in temperature! Like it’s 85° one second and then 60° the next. No gradual change; just two distinct temperatures within the space of a half a moment.

    I blame it on the dinosaurs. This is their revenge.

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  2. Okay, made me laugh! The dinosaurs! LOL I do love cold fronts! From sweltering heat to cold in a scant minute. We don’t get them like that down here but when I was young it was like an event – I’d run outside and stand, arms outstretched, waiting for it to hit me. (Never said I wasn’t strange)


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