Pink Sky at Morn

As usual I went out with the dogs early this morning. The day was breaking. Soft tendrils of pink floated across the western sky.. then billowed, like cream in coffee. Then upon entering the back yard, I saw much the same, but on a grander scale: the eastern sky was alight with corals and pinks! Alive with color, pinks alone wove their way north then settled west, as if the angels were knitting.

No, I can’t take a decent photograph of the sky.

That’s not pink, silly.

Not this morning. Dug this out of my drafts folder.

This a.m. I was up early to take Badgy in for a dental cleaning. Didn’t make it, though. Washed the car yesterday but didn’t drive it… doh! At 700 hours I was pulling back into the drive, having made a u-turn not a quarter mile away because of a flat-ish tire. Also, the brakes sounded like I was dragging a cow under the front bumper.

Some days it doesn’t pay to get out of bed.

I was having a panic attack at leaving Badger, anyway. I KNOW! But she’s been my (near) constant companion since the whole covid thing started and I’ve bonded to her like a duckling to its keeper. It’s fecking ridiculous, but there it is. Talk about an emotional support animal.

Hope everyone is well. All one of you. Hiya Joanie! ❤

Oh, the tropical storm. Guess I had more to say than I thought. For a storm it packed quite a little punch. Suffice it to say our trees are clean.. and their crap scattered all over the yard. Took two hours to pick up the front yard. Haven’t touched the back yet.

Scintillating, right? The only other news is my latest bout of poison ivy is healing nicely.

Peace out.

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  1. Hiya!

    Beautiful photo, Pam. I love mornings like that. And I 100% understand how and why you feel as you do with Badger. It’s the same reason I can’t move anywhere that won’t accept cats. I’d be lost without Fletch. Even when I go out for groceries or an appointment, the relief I feel upon coming home and seeing him is immeasurable.


    P.S. take a book on tape to listen to while you wait in the car at the vet’s.

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    1. Fletch is in need of a visit to the vet, but because I haven’t met any of the locals, I don’t want to just drop him off as the majority of clinics require during our heightened risk level of “purple”. Even before the tiered system, it’s been “drop off & pick up later” since April.

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  2. We’ve just been allowed to come in with our pets earlier this month… but it’s weird. Not helped by the fact that they’re moving everything around. LOL! Daisy needs a vet visit, but… eh. 😉

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