Simthing Wrong

Don’t usually post my sims stuff, but this picture of Watson Scott, newly minted young adult, made me laugh. Watson was a good toddler, child and teen. He worked hard and received straight A’s in school.

A happy young man, when he aged up to young adult… well, let’s just put it this way: something is wrong with Watson. Or simthing.

Oh, there are more pictures of him slumping and frowning all over the place. Gym, nightclub, library… oh, there is a dilly of one meeting a woman… guess he didn’t like her because his eyes squinted up and his mouth pursed like my dog’s arse hole.

I moved him to a small (tiny) home directly under the volcano in Sulani. ‘Tis a beautiful place, Sulani. I fully expected him to take right to it; an outdoorsy, brilliant sim who could walk a few steps to the ocean. Right? I assumed he’d like to attend Foxbury U, become a marine biologist and live a full sim life.

Never assume, even with pixels.

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  1. He looks…constipated. Or, perhaps, he’s experiencing major diarrhea. Has he been to see a doctor? Or maybe the gasses from the volcano have overwhelmed his brain. After all, they can seep out undetected for years and cause untold damage to unwitting victims.

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