Sim Cities

Wot the hell, Archie! I don’t have much to say these days, anyway. Well, nothing safe for primetime… so here are a couple of Sim 4 screen caps.

San Myshuno, clouded in… smog? Or just an early morning nuclear glow?

Newcrest. Took the picture because it irritated me. I use the hood for a modern look but the Sim Gods have decreed that its ‘scenery’ be of an earlier time…

My homes are in the foreground, obv.

2 thoughts on “Sim Cities

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  1. The cityscape: it’s that color because it’s so damn hot that everything is on the verge of bursting into flames. The sun is searing every air molecule, every element to 9,000,045°F*.

    *It’s sciencey. Don’t bother googling it. It’s not found anywhere non-sciencey people can access. And the initiation to get in is brutal. But I’ve already said too much. Mum’s the word.

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