New roof, new doors, new windows… but still so much to do inside.

I just like this picture…

…and what we see from the front door.

Could be worse. Could be much, much worse.

But here’s what I want to know… when do you put too much money into a house? There must be a tipping point, at which time you cease to get a return for your investment.

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  1. Basics, like paint and flooring, have to be kept up for your own safety and to give you an opportunity to inspect the areas around where you’re working. Y’know, checking for dry rot and moisture damage. That’s maintaining the property and you can’t really consider it throwing money away. Well, except if you go high end flooring, to which I’d say “why?” Unless you’re going for a whole house renovation and aiming for a spendier buyer and that really only works if the area around you supports the $$$.

    A new roof is a necessity when you’re in danger of it collapsing in on you. Obviously, you go for the fix because if you don’t, you risk losing everything. Don’t risk it. While that’s not a sexy investment, if you go to sell you’ll be able to show the potential buyers you’ve taken care of the house and that’ll work in your favor.

    No matter what, basic upkeep goes a long way to keeping your house standing and in good shape. It’s an investment in infrastructure that won’t necessarily be a selling point, but will obvs spell out “confidence” in the psyche. Subconsciously, buyers want to feel before they shell out their hard-earned money.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is as long as you’re not practically rebuilding the entire house, I think you can rest assured your money is being spent wisely. When you take care of the I, the house takes care of you.

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    1. We just put a new roof on because people told us we couldn’t sell the house with the original 1974 tile roof still on. We’ve opted to upgrade everything that’s going on; the shingles, the pane strength, etc… in the hopes that it will take care of us and be a selling point to boot. I think the big ticket items are taken care of… but the inside… ugh… we need new bathrooms, new doors and trim. Stuff like that. And a new dish washer. 😉


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