So Far This Week

When I first started blogging the posts came frequently because, honestly, there was some over-sharing. But like all bloggers, I finally realized that nobody wants to hear about breakfast or see pictures of iguanas riding the dogs.

This is my week so far…



Last day of cleaning the house. Yes, it took all weekend and then some. New houses are remarkably easy to clean and keep that way, but old houses are never really clean. Trust me.

I also met a new cat out in the driveway; a young-ish orange tom. He was pretty scarred from fighting, one paw was hurt and yes, he was on the lean side. After a pleasant chat and pet I walked away. Then he haunted my dreams for two nights. It’s hard to walk away, but if I became involved with every animal that needs help… really, just keeping up with YsD’s needs is becoming ridiculous.


I splashed 8 different paint colors on the master bedroom walls. The man and I don’t agree on any of them. He thought Ultra Bright White appropriate for the closet, but drew the line at blowing out his retinas first thing in the morning – if he could even sleep in an  all-white environment. That’s vaguely racist, isn’t it? Well, maybe in today’s world.

Shaved Badger’s butt since she had the Big D for a few days and ohmygosh if I had to bathe that dog’s hind end one more time… It takes two full inches to get from the fringe to the hole, if you’re wondering. I knew you weren’t.


As WWIII approached I drew my battle plan; early dinner, thorough walks and televisions on loud. It wasn’t too bad, but c’mon… when it sounds like mortar fire is coming from mere feet away and your house shakes from the blasts… not too much helps. I sincerely hope there are no combat vets with PTSD issues living close to the ‘festivities’.


Though the walls demand the *right paint, the need to run to Home Depot is negated by 100° temps. The plan is to remain cloistered, all drapes/blinds drawn like we’re hiding from the Feds. The only obstruction to peace has been the Amazon deliveries. No, I cannot go to WalMart like normal people. Meds would probably help with my overreaching introversion, but I don’t like going to doctors. Ha!

Worked out for the first time in weeks, though. When painting, i.e. ‘really working’, I tend to let the regular stuff slide. As long as the body moves around enough, it’s alright. That’s just a guess, though.

Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

*After a dozen not right paints, I’m willing to roll those walls with just about anything…

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  1. Will your hubby agree to “eggshell” white? How about a very VERY pale gray?

    When Celia was still alive, I had to, on more than one occasion, wash the poo from her long-haired bum. It was an awful chore. Thankfully, she didn’t mind a full shower, but you can only do that so many times a week. So, trimming the ass hair was the only other option. Neither of us cared for it. She hated me for doing it and I kind of resented her for having to do it. But I loved that little girl and it was for her benefit as much as it was mine. Nobody wants an animal with poo on their butt walking around the house.

    Fletch got a shower last night. He was very good throughout the whole thing, but he really hated me washing the teeny bit of dried poo from his ass. Doesn’t happen often. When it does, though, I try to get his butt clean in any manner possible.

    Wouldn’t it be great if animals could wipe their own butts?

    What’s the deal with YsD?

    Also, rescue the kitty if you can. Truly, at least take it to a local shelter or vet. You know you’ll get extra karma chips for your efforts. 😉


  2. I found it!! Pale Palomino by Behr:
    I know, but it’s basically the same shade that’s already on the walls, but without the yellow tint, which I hated. Looks better on than in the picture.

    I was going for a pale gray, since our tile is gray (hate the stuff) but couldn’t find one we liked.

    YsD is 41 and still can’t really take care of herself or her two children. It’s not her fault, what with the bi-polar, etc… (well, perhaps a bit) but fortunately there are agencies and us… She has an 8 year old autistic son who is low on the spectrum. Very low. So, though he goes to special school during the day, she can’t get a job b/c nobody will sit for him. I wouldn’t, either. (We don’t live close, anyway) I feel bad, but the kid has these uncontrollable ‘fits’ that looks like rage… and he beats the hell out of her. It’s a hard life, for sure.

    I’ve been looking for the kitty, but no joy. A female in the hood was probably in heat after which he went home. People around here just don’t care about cats; I think they keep them around to manage the canal rat population and as soon as they’re hit by cars, they get another. That’s what Blue House did. The new, younger black cat isn’t friendly at ALL. That’s okay; I don’t need to get involved with another baby just to have it killed for no fucking reason.


    BUT we got another letter from #1 Grandson in boot camp. That’s a good thing.

    I dreamed about cats last night, too. Just remembered that. Huh.


    1. Pretty color!

      I recall all of that re: YsD, just didn’t know if there was something new. I’m sorry her son isn’t managed better with his autism. There are lots of resources for kids like him, but if YsD doesn’t/can’t follow through with the program then there’s not much point in having him start on that path because it requires 100% consistency. Which, I’m guessing, is the whole problem. I really wish she’d give him the opportunity to have an incredible life and allow him to live with a family that can provide him with all the structure and resources he requires. I’m sure that’s hard to watch from your perspective.

      As for the idiots who treat cats as disposable rodent control, fie on them! I’d be taking in all the kitties. I can’t bear to watch them become roadkill.

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