I Can’t Help Myself


I can’t help myself; everything must have bokeh. I’m taking pictures of any and everything, like this little votive holder.

And this super cute hyacinth bud. If I bought more of them, when they flowered I’d have a Hyacinth Bouquet! Ha!


4 thoughts on “I Can’t Help Myself

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  1. I wish I could find some motivation and inspiration!

    Christmas day I took a few photos. Upon doing so I realized it had been almost a whole year since I’d touched the damn thing. I haven’t touched it since. Not even to put it away.



    1. NO! You’re the motivator-in-chief! No matter what is going on, you must shoot! As you used to tell me, just walk out your door (yes, I realize you’re sick right now, sorry) and shoot something. ANYthing. Just because.

      Hope you feel better soon!! ❤


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