Front to Back

Roughly half my hopes for survival rested on this lovely front I’d named George.

And then he occluded.

We’re in the Fort Lauderdale area and have prepared as best we can… and are still working… but how do you really prepare for a Cat 4/5 storm?


Sure, we have brand new impact windows… but I’m worried about the old doors. I’m worried about the roof. I’m worried that the whole damn house will go. I saw it, after Andrew. It just took my roof and most of my stuff, but down in Homestead, entire communities were wiped from the face of the earth as though they’d never existed.

I know, just like Galveston. And every other place… And all I can see when I close my eyes is the Andrew devastation.

If you’re in this, know that I’m praying for you.

Bastard front.


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  1. Tell me you’ve finally decided to get out.

    I know what you told me yesterday, but look, there’s only one YOU and one MIKE. You need to be safe. And staying at home could put not just yourselves at risk, but also the lives of emergency services. And you KNOW it’s not right to put others’ lives in harm’s way because you’re stubborn.

    Back in 07 during the wildfires (and again in 09) my friends WERE those trying to rescue people who stayed home.

    Please err on the side of caution and get somewhere safe. If nothing comes of it, great. Count it as a mini vacation.

    Love and prayers to you and Mike and the pups


  2. We dodged a very large, very wet and windy bullet. It’s not only slowed, but it’s tracking to the west side of the state. Prayers answered!!! Well, not for those poor sods. But I’m still praying!


    1. I’m glad the brunt of it has missed you thus far, but don’t forget the surge and the potential for more hits.

      Good Lord, I’m a freaking wreck over this damn storm. I know too many people in its path. And I love you all so much. I couldn’t bear the thought of any of you getting hurt.

      Makes me extremely thankful I only have to deal with fires and earthquakes on this side of the country.


      1. We’re out of the surge zone, so there’s that. It’s still mucking about with Cuba, so we won’t get tropical storm winds til later tonight and hurricane winds tomorrow.

        Pray for the peeps on the west coast of Florida… and wherever it decides to go in! Love you!


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