I captured (and subsequently released) a Luna moth caterpillar. Couldn’t help myself; it was huge. Easily the largest I’ve ever seen. And so close to his pupal stage.


He was the length of the mason jar.



His legs were nightmarish. Seriously. They have ‘faux legs’ that look harmless and then the things you see when he’s turned over, which grab leaves and… elongate.


Tell me that won’t give you bad dreams.


5 thoughts on “Luna

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  1. Whoa! That’s a seriously large caterpillar!

    Yeah, I’d probably have a nightmare with it in a starring role.

    Great capture, both physically and photographically.


  2. Dang! I’d have been tempted to try to keep him, watch him turn and THEN release him….but you did it right. Nightmarish, fer sure!


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