When In Doubt, DIY

I’m ashamed to admit that we’ve lived here for 15 years and for all that time the pantry has been a large crap closet. Really; there were no shelves inside when we moved in so we just threw a bunch  of crap inside and shut the doors.

I had no real pantry. SO, we decided there should be one.

The nasty start. There were 2x2s on the walls to hold shelves, but those had to come off. And the doors that had been painted 17 times… gone!


This is the kind of crap I had to deal with; they’d never actually painted the primed cement.



So, I spackled, painted and caulked. Instead of buying primer and color I opted for a gallon of the expensive (but what paint isn’t?) Behr Marquee. It does cover with one coat but it goes on like glue.


Better, right?

I enlisted my personal elf to put up the shelving…



Yay! Someplace for the toilet paper to live!

And why does caulk dry differently than white? Looks odd.

Anyway, I went back to Home Depot and bought bifold doors for my elf to install.


Ta da!


Still much to do… like put the stuff inside! But also many more projects to work on…

2 thoughts on “When In Doubt, DIY

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    1. The kitchen is SO streamlined now!! Also I now have several cabinets that are ready for… anything I put in them, presumably.

      This is a small house, only 1,400sq ft. We have almost no closet space. It’s always something, isn’t it?


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