Breagha is Nine

My darling girl turns 9 today.


She doesn’t look like this photo anymore. Gone is the sleek hair. The sleek, toned body as well. It’s been replaced with too much white, skin tags and fatty cysts the doc doesn’t want to excise.


Yet this old dog is more precious to me than her younger self could ever have been. She’s still herself, translating for the little dogs and bossing everyone around. We have the love, understanding and yes, even comfort, that comes with spending years together, just as my husband and I do. Nothing can replace that, absolutely nothing.

Happy Birthday, my sweet girl. May we have many more years together.

Now, a puppy picture. Or two.






2 thoughts on “Breagha is Nine

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  1. How beautifully said. Happy birthday to your sweet girl. You are so blessed.

    P.s. I rather like the mature version of Brea, too. I miss her travel adventures something fierce.


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