No-Name Buds and More

Holly Golightly had a no-name cat and similarly I have a no-name crepe myrtle. Two, actually. The almost decrepit yet interesting nursery where I bought them had no idea of -well, any- of their names, so I took a chance b/c they were only 5.00 each!

Hoping for a tall, willowy variety I think the opposite will be true. So moving them is a distinct possibility. Still… BUDS!


It’s sort of a strange photo. You know I critique each about… in perpetuity. This could have stood more contrast but I liked the way it blended into the background… yet not.

Random Ibis on the street light.


No post is complete without lilies… in the Spring, anyway.


Side view of the lily bed. It’s thriving with all the rain! (Sorry, Californians)


Last but not least, the bloody plumerias. Didn’t really believe I’d leave ’em out, did you?


I think my camera and I need to go on walkabout.

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