Okay, I sort of forgot this space existed. But it’s a new year and in my zeal to start over there are many (scads, even!)  hopes of writing.



Okay, at least once or twice in 2016. And this counts as one.

Anyway, these boids looked like they had the kind of night my dogs did: mildly terrifying. I now hate any holiday that involves loud noises.

I imagine them in conversation thusly…


“Dude, what’d you do last night?”


“Oh, Charlie and I went out partying… oops, there he goes! Little too much canal water over near the tuna plant, you know?”


“Really, Charlie? Get it together man!”



Breagha is Nine

My darling girl turns 9 today.


She doesn’t look like this photo anymore. Gone is the sleek hair. The sleek, toned body as well. It’s been replaced with too much white, skin tags and fatty cysts the doc doesn’t want to excise.


Yet this old dog is more precious to me than her younger self could ever have been. She’s still herself, translating for the little dogs and bossing everyone around. We have the love, understanding and yes, even comfort, that comes with spending years together, just as my husband and I do. Nothing can replace that, absolutely nothing.

Happy Birthday, my sweet girl. May we have many more years together.

Now, a puppy picture. Or two.







From Seeds


Found this and a couple of its siblings growing in my back yard… and I know they originated from seeds not because I planted them, but because my neighbor has some growing roughly 20 feet away. Pretty, anyway.

Yup, took it this morning. Obviously. Could the shadows be any more of a giveaway?

Canine, Family, Garden

Post Vacation Ennui


After my sister in law and her friend left town I fell into a depression… not surprisingly. After working to fix the house up in preparation, then all the running about during their visit, it’s only natural to experience a let down.

Things are getting better after settling back down into a routine. Or rut. Still.

I hadn’t taken any pictures since they left, so went out this morning with a mission: shoot something. Anything!

To start, it’s an incredibly beautiful day, even if it is on the warm side. I’m grateful for these days even if the cold weather is calling me…