In the last post the purple heart has some odd thingys in the middle under the bloom. What the heck? They look like spider legs but I’m sure it’s just…. new leaves? Yep, let’s go with new leaves.


My digital picture folders start with May, 2004. Thought I’d pull some out into the fresh air.

At a park
Same park, hugging on the man.
YsD. I miss her.
…and me, for some reason.

There were a couple of young Breagha, but I can’t.

The Scotts

Minus their parents, who still live in Oasis Springs.

No idea why it looks like the sun is rising from the tree, but it’s a cool effect.

Watson, finally happy because his sister Katy called.

…and yes, he really does live in the shadow of a volcano. Heh.

Sibling Katy is happy. She’s a cheerful, creative sim who loves life. Unlike gloomy gus.

Katy recently went on a date with a sim named Nick, also a creative type. Instead of meeting up at a bar or park where they would have things to do, Nick asked her to a basically empty lot.

At the end of the date he said “don’t call me again”. Oh, well. Once again, never assume.

Katy just finished her first semester at Foxbury, so she’s not really looking for a steady beau right now anyway.