This morning before sunrise the east was ablaze with bright yellow which became orange. Brilliant transformation!

This picture shows the real deal, even my fence (which my neighbor broke) and another neighbor’s house.

Hope it doesn’t rain; I’m planning kabobs on the grill for dinner.

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  1. Awesome Pam! Both how it looks and the kabobs!!! Making me hungry for some myself with the great photos and thinking! Enjoy the free and simple things like mom was always telling us kids back in the day!!!
    God bless.

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      1. Absolutely truth Pam! Over the years I had to get that to sink in and ya know how many of us kick ourselves down the road and say Whad’Ya Know? Mom and Dad were so right. Each generation thinks I can do better but the old school had it wired for sound, lol!
        What was I thinking they would tell me crapola! Oh that’s it I wasn’t thinking, yea!!!

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  2. I have no idea why some posts have comments turned off — unless it’s been a while since the post went up. Sometimes, though, a post will automatically just not have comments & it’s not something I chose. You’re better with the whole WordPress thing…do you know why that happens?

    I’ve always thought of the sky as God’s big canvas that He uses to get some painting in each day & night. I’d tell the kids we were witnessing a miracle as we watched the sun set. No two sunrises or sunsets are ever the same.

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    1. Scientists might disagree, but I also believe they’re miracles… which is why I make sure to see them. 😉

      I used to have comments turned off on a post after two weeks but I don’t do it anymore for some reason… it’s under ‘Settings’, ‘Discussion’.


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