Back Down the Hole

I think this picture adequately describes my mood.

In other news, my long time stylist retired. Yes, I am bereft. Guess my long, stringy hair will remain that way…

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  1. I wouldn’t know what to do with a hair professional any more.

    P.S. if you let your hair go crazy wild, you get to blame it on covid19! Having a scapegoat like that is a weird, but ultimately nice benefit at a time like this.

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  2. LOL! I haven’t dyed my own hair for roughly 25 years. Well, at least the man can tell me if I’m leaving little bits undone… and wouldn’t that be funny?! Even better, a splotchy biohazard…


    1. These colors are so easy to work with! Arctic Fox. Vegan, cruelty-free. Washes out after 10-30 shampoos. Although, tbh, the pink doesn’t last very long for me (other people have no problem with it). The purple is still my favorite. There’s no trick to this stuff: use it on clean, dry hair and maybe sit in the sun for a while to help it along; otherwise, there’s not much more to it.

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    1. Yes, you do. Get the 8oz size & if you hate it, you won’t waste much. If you REALLY REALLY hate it, just shampoo twice during your showers and it’ll wash out quickly.

      This is the best time to try something different. Nobody’s gonna get in your face over it.

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