Bed Head

We’ve been through an ordeal: mattress shopping.

I thought it would be a dandy idea to order a bed-in-a-box thing, so tré moderne! The only problem? Either it sucked or we’re too old to sleep on ‘a cloud’, a.k.a. Casper.  My back has never been so bad.

Then we slept on it the next night, just to make sure it sucked. I couldn’t even move yesterday, going from the inversion table to the very firm sofa over and over…

Ironically, we’ll have to jet over to Mattress Firm, which is in financial peril over the bed-in-a-box phenom. Oh, I get it; I’d much rather make this sort of transaction in a detached, sanitized way instead of touching mattresses that dog knows who have lain upon. I’m taking a sheet with me, screw anyone who thinks it too precious!

This is our 20 year old headboard, which I still love.. but I swear I’ll cut it up with a blowtorch should the top of my head ever touch it again.


Bad shot, but I wasn’t going into the brush and spiders to take a better one.

Now, my original idea was to take a picture and post it for free on NextDoor… but Arthur opined that it would look good covered in ivy out back.

I think it would be sweet spray painted white(ish), suitable for a teen’s room… but since when do teenagers have king sized beds?

Sigh. I suck at the home decor thing. And now I must find a new mattress and headboard. Pray for me.


It’s the Simmons Beautyrest World Class Resonance Plush! Which felt wonderful in the store and hard as a brickbat last night. We’ll see. The salesman said it would take a few days to feel like it’s supposed to, but I wonder why… Anyway, new bed. I’m exhausted.

Forgot to add:

The guys who picked up the Casper (1-800-Buy-Junk) to supposedly recycle it? They were very forthcoming about how many beds, just in our area, they pick up: A hint? Between Casper, Purple and another he couldn’t remember the name of… they are very busy. LOTS. It must cost the Bed-in-a-Bag people about $100 a pop to manufacture those mattresses; they’re just foam. Then they sell them for $800 and up? Yep, they can afford to give a LOT of people their money back…


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  1. Hmmm…I ordered a bed in a box right after Dan died. Couldn’t sleep in “our” bed any longer. I got it from Wayfair and it was… just over a hundred bucks (full size), I think. It’s a dream. In fact, I think I sleep TOO well on it.

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  2. Do a whitewash on the headboard and give it a few days to see if you like it again. Otherwise, I’m with your hubby on putting it in the garden for ivy. If not, you can also try freecycle to get rid of it.

    I’m very picky about beds. I’m a firm mattress kinda gal. Soft beds make me cry. Mattresses from a box aren’t meant to last long. They’re perfect for youngsters and treehouses (see Treehouse Masters), cabins and converted futons. Most olds like us require more support during sleep, when our spines aren’t supported by muscles and gravity.

    Also, I have no problem buying decor or hard furniture online, but the idea of buying a mattress, chair, or sofa without being able to test it in person boggles the mind. For beds, obviously I need to know how it feels on my back (and, honestly, even the best mattress will require a few nights of sleep to get used to). Sofas and chairs, I need to know if they’re firm enough (too saggy/soft and I can’t get up from them) and how they sit as far as my legs and back are concerned. Some seating is too shallow, others are too deep. It has to have the right sit to it, y’know? Again, no way to tell from a description online!

    Let me know how the new bed goes after several days, okay?

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    1. Well, at the store it was wonderful; firm enough, but plush. Classified as a ‘medium’, we thought it was perfect.
      Now, at home, it’s like laying on a piece of plywood. We’ve ordered a 2″ gel-infused foam topper to use until it loosens up a bit.
      It’s only been four nights but…
      Which begs the question: how many people laid on that tester bed? LOL!

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      1. After buying a new mattress I always sprayed it with Lysol a few times and then used a heavyweight mattress cover. Even if it’s “brand new” I have my doubts. Apparently I have trust issues.

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    1. PATTI! ❤ Casper had the junk people pick it up within three days and we had our money back that fast as well.

      If I could throw allll Artie's stuff out there'd be no stuff left… LOL!!

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    1. I’ve never understood how people could get a mattress at a garage sale or from someone they didn’t know. That skeeves me out so much. It’s kinda the same thing when I’ve bought completely new mattresses: how long has it been sitting in a warehouse? What was in the warehouse with it? Did someone(thing) take a rest on it? I didn’t used to be this way, but I know a thing or two because I’ve seen a thing or two.

      It’s a blessing and a curse to be hypervigilant/paranoid/generally grossed out by germs and creepy crawlies.

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      1. I believe they’re individually wrapped; at least this one was. And the Caspar was shrink wrapped, of course. 😉

        Best bed I ever owned was from an ad in the paper… I was young, broke and needed a bed. It was a Simmons Beautyrest, like new and I loved it.

        Maybe that’s why I made the mistake of looking at a Beautyrest this time. I think it’s going back. (le sigh)

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  3. I like Beautyrest, too.

    As for wrapped, anything sitting in a warehouse for any length of time is capable of being run over by bugs and critters, urinated on by said beings, etc etc etc. Microscopic holes in the plastic are possible. Maybe not likely, but POSSIBLE and that’s sufficient to make me feel icky and ooky. I didn’t used to be this way and I don’t know exactly when it started, but it’s become enough of a problem that I’ve had to come up with weird coping strategies.

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