6 thoughts on “Vizcaya”

    1. You would LOVE this place Joanie!! The massive interior is full of French and Spanish antiquities… the ceilings made me weep… it was close to a religious experience. And NO photos!


  1. I wonder if they have a no photo policy because they’re worried the flash might damage the artworks. Ugh. I’d have been shooting stealthily from the hip.

    I love all the gorgeous details in the gardens. I’m sure I would take 1000s of photos there alone! I’m a bit envious that you went and I didn’t. 😛


    1. I really thought about whipping my phone out for one or two pics… ugh!

      The gardens were unbelievable… just when you think you’ve found them all, surprise! There’s another exquisite gate to go through… I MUST go back! Wish you were here to go with me!!


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