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Big Love and Her Cohorts

January 17, 2015

Today has been one of the most beautiful this winter, so I’ve been out with the dogs… Mike and I walked them, during which a kid on a bike zipped through a yard and surprised us by clipping Bree on the nose with his tire! After which I bathed the little dawgs, scissoring Daisy a bit.

The injured party… she seems fine but I’m watching to see that she remains so.


The black spot on the left side of her muzzle…


The young man was appropriately apologetic and concerned both for the dog and his bike. Mike asked him if he was okay and told him to be more careful. Had it been me (I was holding the little girls) God knows what I’d have said.

Daisy, before and after:



What a funny little girl.

Pizza is on the way and I’m thinking of eating it al fresco in order to better enjoy this beautiful day!!


The Daisy Ballet

December 7, 2014

I’m laying siege to the confederate jasmine on the back fence today… and I think it’s winning…


A Daisy Thanksgiving

November 30, 2014

Hope everyone had a great holiday! I’ve been trying to upload these pictures since the 26th with no avail. The host sucks.

I have been posting at blogger, believe it or not. Might just jog back there and give up on this place, the land of viruses and slow loading times.



Canine, Flora and Fauna


November 23, 2014

I first noticed the wind because it looked like someone was trying to look up Daisy’s skirt…


Little pink flowers!


PIG! But Just Once.

April 9, 2014
OH, a PIG! Gimme!

Whadya want??

Whad'ya want?

OH, it’s a PIG! Gimme!

OH, a PIG! Gimme!

I got it! I got it!


Back off, hound dog!

Back off, Teckel!

Quick, over here!

Over here!!

Good timing!

Good timing!

Here I come!!!

Here I come!!

…but once was enough!

...but once was enough!

And that’s exactly what happened!

Canine, Potpourri

Two Bits for a Shave

April 3, 2014

I clipped one of the little pirates, Plunder. (Badger is Loot)


They had to get ‘reacquainted’.


This promo is awesome!!! Okay, if you love Archer. And I know it’s probably dated, but I don’t have cable and don’t see commercials.



The Little Dogs

March 14, 2014

I’ve been focused on Bree of late, for obvious reasons… but I do take time for the little dogs. And Mike helps, of course. Thankfully we have the rituals of eating, walking, playing and t.v. time cuddling…

The Hair.

Though I keep threatening her with scissors, Daisy’s hair remains. It’s overwhelming. Enchanting. It’s got a life all its own.




Leaning Into It.

Like everything else she does, Badger eats with exuberance. Then she has diarrhea.



When I yell “Little Dogs!” they come running. They know who they are; isn’t that sweet?


January 22, 2014

Because Bree is camera shy.

Canine, Family


November 27, 2013
Giving Badger a kiss

Mike came home from Wisconsin last Friday with a bad cold and I’ll give you one guess who has it now. But I’m thankful he’s home safe.

Anyway, pictures for no other reason than I took them while we sat outside watching the dogs chew on some beef bones.

Mike and Daisy. Giving Badger a kiss We must eat separately or bad things happen and Mom will scream. The hair kills me.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

For all You have given,
Thank You God.

For all You have withheld,
Thank You God.

For all You have withdrawn,
Thank You God.

For all You have permitted,
Thank You God.

For all You have prevented,
Thank You God.

For all You have forgiven me,
Thank You God.

For all You have prepared for me,
Thank You God.

For the death You have chosen for me,
Thank you God.

For the place you are keeping for me in heaven,
Thank You God.

For having created me to love You for eternity,
Thank You God.